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Not A Jack Of All Trades

jack of all trades multitasking
jack of all trades multitasking

I hate it when someone call me a jack of all trades.  Its not their fault, but I am very specific words that describe me.  I hate commonly used terms or expressions established with my name, for I believe they dont apply.  I am saying I feel above or higher than anyone, but I know for a fact I bring a different set of attributes than certain others or the norm.  Am I wrong for feeling so?  Have you ever been called that is not associated with you, and only called that because others only know of such words?

Ok here are my skills, roles and jobs I do on a weekly basis:

Short Film Director
Blogger / Writer
Graphic Designer
Fitness Consultant
Talent Manager (Model and Music Artist)
Website Designer
Casting Director
Spoken Word Artist
Video Editor
Branding & Marketing Consultant
Social Media Guru

And more….
In addition to…

Gym goer
Movie Goer
And having a 9 to 5

jack of all trades playing card

In a nutshell, don’t stand being called something you are not.  Be you, define you and stand out being different.  I work hard and train everyday at my skills because those are the skills I want and that defines me being Richardo

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson