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Month Ends, Fun Begins, Hi September

Its August 31, 2012, the last day of the month, for no month has a 32nd day anyways, and it also friday.  I love fridays.  I have been working and learning a lot all month, and as much as half the work I was doing was fun, I lacked a great deal of creativity in which is the most fun of a space to be in.  With all the training I have had all summer, I have developed some new skills and some funny stories based off of life experiences to tell.  So its soon time for the fun begins.

As poor as my views for my blog as it took a really big dip as I thought it would do, I wont let that take away from my happiness.  I have had more likes on my posts over the last 3 three months than I ever really had, but as you know if you didnt know already, likes on your blog does not mean views, or at least posts views, in which I have a post to roast that setup.  Even though I do drive by viewing sometimes and like posts, I actually click through each posts and on half of each posts, I leave a comment and if I have nothing really to say, I at least leave a smiley face to give publisher of that blog a view to count to their blog eco system, make their blog more weight stronger in the search and community. 

Anyways I went off on a tangent, I pride myself for being a curator and a ninja of the internet, but either way, its fun time.  And as much my blog is actually just my personal blog and not a heavily advertised blog, I am happy on how it is.

With everything said and done, September I welcome you and all the fun and new people I am going to meet within you.

How was your summer?  Was it fun or not?  Did you see a decrease in viewship as well over the summer?  Do you believe in my theory that there is more likes but less views and commenta in the community?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

Always remember to be awesome.

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Through The Window I Can See

Sometimes I feel like I have been locked away, in a house, in a hunt, in a cave, and within these enclosures there is a window.  A window that sheds light on life, people, objects and thoughts, that I thought I saw from way inside of the crypt of a box until I decided to go to the window and look outside.   Its not everything you can see for what it really is, even if you have 20/20 vision, there are just some things that unfolds in front of your eyes over time, as you keep looking at it.

I have just found out some details about people and success, and people who I thought were super talented in which turned out not to be what it seemed.

Just remember this dream and never give up.  The hard work you put in will make the difference in how your dream unfolds, as it will for me.  Dont take shortcuts.  Be great, be you.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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The Magic Glove

Michael Jackson glove jacket 1984
Michael Jackson glove jacket 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wished for magic? Have you ever wished you can control things around you? I have dreamed of moving objects and controlling minds, with just a wave of my hand. Ever since I was younger I wanted to powers, I have even wished on this. I wanted it so bad, I even put it on my Christmas wish list (umm not really), but I have always wanted it.

I wanted to do more good in the world or wished for a fresh start, even though I feel that with a fresh start people as a whole or a society wouldn’t change for the better good. I feel in no time we would create back problems in the world we don’t need to have. Even though I feel this way, I would still love to give everyone, good or bad a fresh start in life, a clean slate, just to see what we would do with it.

How do you feel about that? Do you think with a clean slate we would all turn to a new leaf and stay that way since we know what our pass faults were?

Let me know…

This post is for my Wishful Wednesday series…

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson