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Been Gone From Home

English: One of the monsters from BYU Animatio...
English: One of the monsters from BYU Animation’s short film, “Pajama Gladiator” (edited by mwilson3). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been gone from home, but I still remember where I live.  I been away from my blog a while, in which is my home.  The atmosphere here is much more beautiful than others places I normally go to in my daily life.  Recently I have been working behind the scenes on my upcoming productions, and it’s quite overwhelming.  I been on set of a short film of a friend as her assistant director.  It’s quite a new experience working with a cast and other professionals such as camera man, assistants, actors, and actresses for I am usually a solo team being everyone and playing every role.

I shall share more on theses stories and my experience in the coming days and weeks.

I had to take the time to work with others and develop my experiences as I continue onto my future career.  But I am definitely back to where I belong, my blog and the awesome creative community of readers and writers.

I am back, though I never really left.  Here comes the fun again.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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