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Low Key

Awesome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been a bit low-key lately.  I am still active in the world and just coming from my birthday weekend.  It was pretty awesome.  I had a blast and got a bunch of photos to show for it.  I have stepped back as that person that just shows off what he got and etc.  I really want to put some quality behind my work.  So I have been spending endless hours in the lab “efc creative labs” working my a more organize way to consume and distribute my media, knowledge and more.  I want and will be that guy everyone is going to say, how did he do that, when I accomplish my targeted goals.  As you may have seen in one of my last posts, I have been de-cluttering, archiving and organizing, now I am making a new an improved me as well as a better way to communicate with the world.

Thanks to everyone sticking around.  Sometimes you just got to know when to sit down and catch your breath before entering the game again.

Thanks again for reading
Richardo Wilson