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My New York City Lifestyle: Injustice Wipeout – [MNYCL]

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I fell today, ha ha ha, quite an injustice.  I wiped out today doing my 3 miles run with my soccer ball.  I was running and doing tricks at a very fast pace in front of everyone and tripped on the ball and fell in what I would like to say, slow motion while plotting my landing which was most likely the butt.  I was successful on my fall, if that makes sense.  There was no harm done, but it got me thinking as I popped back up and continued my run.

Lesson Learned
When you do stupid things, you can’t get mad at the results.  The technique I was using with my soccer ball had its risks, even to the professionals who plays the sport, but sometimes you can’t predict when you will trip, but you pre think it’s happening and anticipate the end result.  This begins me to my actual post about people in the world who believe things that happen to them is an injustice just because it happens to them.  To them I say, grow up.  They have so much more living and disappointments to go to not ever pay attention to fails in life, but focus on how to succeed at not failing or failing so much.  This concepts goes for many things such as, relationships, career, sports, and passions.

What do you think?  Do you believe that you earn what you deserve?  Do you work hard for what you want to earn until you have earned it?

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“It’s not an injustice thinking you are owed something because you think you do”

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