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3 Easy Ways To Be Happy – [How To Love]

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Let’s admit it, it’s not easy to be happy and not everyone around us is happy or in good situations, but you must remember your surroundings don’t control you.  You are in control and the boss of your life.  So if you are in an unhappy place, here are a few easy steps/ways to live a happier life.

Love is a very powerful tool in life and can be the driving force to your happiness.  Most people try to seek love from others first instead of loving themselves first.  In most cases if they are not loved by the person they become bitter or depressed.  But when you love yourself first and happy about life, even for the simplest of reasons you will draw in more love from others and will be shining on the outside and in.  Put on a smile everyday, and think positive thoughts, and never put yourself down.  Always try to be a better you.

Happy Baby! I can't help but smile every time ...
Happy Baby!

Once you are in love, or well loving who you are, never comprise that by trying to be someone else and trying to fit in.  The best you is the natural you.  If someone don’t like who you are, then you should not be around those persons.  I don’t mean you should be going around causing trouble and if people don’t like that then they are not cool.  I mean you should generally try to be a good person, though we all have flaws, people usually try to find something they like about a person and make it stick.  So what you do, it what you will be remembered by and associated with, so the more you are yourself and doing your thing the better off to draw in real people who loves you for who you are.  In return, you loving you, and being you, will cause others to love you and you to be happy you are being loved.  Be yourself, trying new things, learn and read more and experience and live life.

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Last but not forgotten, treat yourself.  Everyone has things they like, so treat yourself once in a while on a regular basis with such things.  It’s will be more joy to your life to enjoy the things you like.  Though most things cost money and we all don’t have enough of that to go around, think and experience interior joys such as music, dancing, walking to the park, a slice of cheesecake, a good book or even talking with a good friend and striking up a good conversation.  You will be able to laugh more, and be a much happier person knowing where you can extract your joy whenever you are down, instead on staying in a slump.  Brighten your life, meditate, pray, do yoga, or even ask for a nice massage and soothing music to bring comfort.  If it’s hard to remember your joys in life, go now and find a pen and paper, and focus and write down 10 things you like, make couple duplicates of the list and tape it around the house or so to remind you that there is always an escape.

Emily Maltese
Emily Maltese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope my steps help you, and do hope you consider trying them out.  Let me know what you think and any ideas you may have that keep you happy.

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