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I Laugh Because It’s Funny


June is over, today is its last day.  I have worked my butt off all year, well just half so far, but I intend on taking it all the way.  I play while I work and I work while I play.  July will be my love of my life, for within its walls, will be my day, my birthday.

It’s been a crazy half of a year thus far, and I am extremely excited at this moment.  Things are not perfect but I am happy about life.  I have been heartbroken, but I got to stay strong, here he here he, here comes my birth month.

All I keep is joy around me and I can only laugh about things, because I find them funny.  I shall be making a super rad video tomorrow and it shall beginning my new path to life.

What is your July looking like?  Any summer plans on the arising?

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Richardo Wilson