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Passionate Fans & Rivals Become Friends

Manchester United
Manchester United (Photo credit: sanpani)


I was at work and a customer came in, and though I couldn’t help him exactly, we had an amazing short conversation.  I saw he was wearing a Manchester United shirt, and being a super soccer fan we got the talking after I mentioned his shirt.  I was like I am a Chelsea fan, and we both smile as our team were rivals of each other.  We become talking scores and the past season and mentioning the current EURO 2012 Champion games.  Then we started sharing life stories, and our intense passion for the sport.  I met a new friend.  It was like on the best part of the day.  So a small inquiry for a sale, turned into a 20-25 minute conversation.  His name was Patrick, originally from England.

What do you think?  Have you ever met a stranger and became friends?

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Richardo Wilson