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Let Me Introduce You To Richardo

English: Reverse of a British Library staff bu...
English: Reverse of a British Library staff business card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just dropping in and saying, how funny I get introduce by friends.  Well friends who actually knows me, that I am a man of multiple skills.  I guess my blog followers, well I call you guys friends also, if you stick around to like a post or say hello now and then knows me for the stay qualities.  It always gets me and cracks me up being introduced to others, my friends or family would be like, oh yea, this is Richardo he does EVERYTHING, then goes back to the conversation.  The person usually gets thrown off a bit and goes, well what do you mean by everything?  In which the disgust of having to repeat everything, they say it one more time, then tell me to explain what I do, in which I would be specific, then they go, umm oh wow, sounds like everything, do you have a business card?

Those encounters are very funny to me.  So crazy.  I remember a few years back when I was so proud of myself and had a million and one business card to give, and no one would ask.  Now I don’t even bring much around so I can tell people I don’t have one, so they can try to remember me by will to ever work with me.  I know it’s kind of counter productive for I would want to get more business and so on being a business man, but when you kind of do everything, then everyone wants to suck you dry, then believe since they met you, that they know you, so they won’t want to pay me, then I guess I am doing exactly what I should be doing.

What do you think?  Have this ever happened to you?

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Richardo Wilson

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