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Things I Say And Don’t Do, Call ME A LIAR

Liar Game
Liar Game (Photo credit: 邪恶的正太)

I say I am going to sleep, but guess what, I don’t.  Sleep what is that?  Is that something people do?  Is that what I should be doing?  I guess it sounds fun to say to others that I am going to do that task.  But then again do others really believe I do that?  I would think they are weird if they do.

Do you sleep?  How many hours do you sleep on average?

Some may say I am an insomniac, but I think not.  I choose not to sleep.  I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day just so I can use it to sleep, then again, given that much extra time, I might use it to do more work.  I guess this post should be really titled INSOMNIAC vs WORKAHOLIC or most definitely, A LIAR vs FAITHFUL BELIEVERS .

Either way you look at it, me going to sleep, umm is a rare occurrence if ever.

What do you say to others that you don’t do?  Do you consider it lying, if you actually have a really good reason or purpose of not doing in which other’s don’t believe in or think is valid?

Let me know…

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson