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Photoshoot & Music Video on the Beach, Then RAIN

So I was out in the world, doing the things I love to do, shooting lovely photos and at the same time I was making some cameo appearances in a Music Video for my artist Kennie Dubb (alternative hip hop artist), then here it comes, RAIN.  I have never really been caught in the rain and got soaked before, ever seen I a little boy in Jamaica and just had that I don’t care, I want to play in the rain attitude.  My mother of course didn’t like that theory and great deal of spanking went with that.  But I was always prepared for the situation of rain, or stay in a location of shelter until the rain stopped.

Rewind then fast forward, back in the days in Jamaica, the simple life, rain wasn’t much of a deal, because I was a kid and shoot it’s just water.  But in today’s world, my $2,000 camera equipment and smart phone is not something so easy to look over by the rain and the damages it cause and what the insurance on each won’t cover.  So when the said rain came pouring, I was out like flash to protect my valuables and then find a place to stay dry.  Well it was a big beach, and luckily my artist had a ride and I was saved, after the fact I was soaked, cold, and tired.  But all in all, I had a semi water proof book bag with a mini umbrella in which I could not get to in time, via it was the same compartment my greatly priced video camera was, and I was in no way going to make that risk to open my bag.

Gladly my camera was protected, and I have this cool memory and story to share.  I should be in the super cool music video, and had a blast playing soccer on the beach and everyone came out to have fun.  Oh also the photos from my photoshoot came out well.  I am happy.

PS: Damn, New York City weather, just all over the place randomly.

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson