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I Laugh Because It’s Funny


June is over, today is its last day.  I have worked my butt off all year, well just half so far, but I intend on taking it all the way.  I play while I work and I work while I play.  July will be my love of my life, for within its walls, will be my day, my birthday.

It’s been a crazy half of a year thus far, and I am extremely excited at this moment.  Things are not perfect but I am happy about life.  I have been heartbroken, but I got to stay strong, here he here he, here comes my birth month.

All I keep is joy around me and I can only laugh about things, because I find them funny.  I shall be making a super rad video tomorrow and it shall beginning my new path to life.

What is your July looking like?  Any summer plans on the arising?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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True Blood (season 1)
True Blood (season 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a super fan of True Blood, are you?  Most of all I love HBO and most of all their original series and can’t wait to direct or produce one for the network.  Back to True Blood, I am so happy, a for the new season, and of course the return on my peaceful sundays in which I go for walks in the daytime, read books at barnes and noble in the afternoon, eat some good food in the evening and HBO and good entertainment at nights.  This summer shall be hot and awesome.  Anyone a hbo fan?  Do you have favorite True Blood character?  I love Layette, Eric and Jason, those characters are so awesome


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Richardo Wilson

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My Jamaican Caribbean Heritage and Music

Temperature (song)
Temperature (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love my cultural background and shall never say otherwise, for Jamaicans are proud people with lots of love/passion in our soul.  There are some  people  that refuses their upbringings in all cultures around the world, but the ones that represent and actually show others the different aspect aside from any stereotypes out there are the ones you can count on to teach you something new, to make you want to try something new from that culture, or be interested enough to learn more, or get you so hype to actually visit that country or place just to see if what was said is true.  I am proud of mines.

It is always one of my goals to learn more about the world and other cultures.  So when I do meet new people and friends I always ask their backgrounds and what they love about their culture or couple fun facts about their upbringings.  I came upon writing this post after spending the last couple weeks listening to some old school Jamaican music and dancing everywhere and sing the tunes back as loud as possible in the streets as I walk with headphones blasting music.  Note worthy I have been listen to one of my favorite Jamaican artist, Sean Paul.  He is such a great artist and I was so excited for him when he crossed over in the United States with his music, with great classics like “Gimme The Light“, “Like Glue” and “Get Busy“.  I have been really bumping his album Trinity he released a few years back, with the awesome up-tempo songs such as “We Be Burnin’” and “Temperature” in which really inspired me to write this post.

Do you know of Sean Paul?  Have you ever seen a Sean Paul music video or listen to a Sean Paul song?

Anyways, I really want to make this post special, so if you are a subscriber or new visitor, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT on this post with:

– A link to your blog
– What your culture or background is AND what country you are IN currently
– A song/artist you love or something you love about your culture.

I am very interested to know about my blogging community and subscribers background and learn.  Also after all your responses I will create a post linking back to ALL YOUR BLOGS, titled “THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY CULTURE OF MUSIC & FUN“.

I will make this post on MONDAY, June 25, 2012, Michael Jackson’s Memorial Day, the GREATEST ENTERTAINER of ALL TIMES.

If you can REBLOG this post that would be awesome and I will track everyone’s POSTS and your viewers responses, and include EVERYONE in my post and linking to everyone’s BLOGS if they are with WordPress.

PS: Thank you all for reading, liking and dropping by my blog.  I can’t thank you enough for all your support and love.  I love everyone who is out there blogging and sharing with the world.  It’s all about being a community.  Special shout out to my new subscribers, for even considering and actually clicking the button to follow me.

Richardo Wilson