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With Open Arms & A Hand Shake

Hug (Photo credit: Cliph)


I really don’t know how to say it, but I am very appreciative for all the support and followers aka “blog ninjas” that came by my blog in the past two weeks.  I am happy to see others passionate writers and I have also visited many blogs to meet new friends.  It’s quite simply a community and great people here on WordPress, and what you put in is what you get.  I have some really great dynamic posts coming up soon, via I want them to be strictly awesome, for it will be more helpful and share worthy than my regular personal or life posts.

I have seen some new subscribers, and just want to welcome all the ladies, BIG HUG, and if you are a guy a manly handshake, (I don’t think we should be hugging lol) but if you are up for a hug, what the hell.

I have been busy as of late, working 3 jobs and creating a media network, so if you see me pass by your blog, trust me I am a ninja.  I stealthy got there and read, liked, even left some comments.  I am trying to reach everyone I can, and see and read all the interesting things that’s going on, but it’s super hard.  But I go hard, so I should be fine.  I collecting some crazy super awesome photos, so be ready for those coming soon.

Anyways I am rambling.  I just want to say thanks you to all my new friends and also for subscribing to my blog, watch out and check your email, twitter or facebook, for I might be requesting to do an interview with you for my weekly Subscriber Interview series, every friday (well not every, but I try though) in which I interview one of my subscribers and introduce them to the world on my blog.

PS: If you are a new follower, just know I post a post ONCE every day as the PROJECT 365 challenge I have going on with PostADay2012.  So your email might get filled up, but don’t you worry, I post awesome cool easy to read stuff.  But I try my best to stick to only one post, but on occasions I might do 2 or so.  Very rarely though.

Happy Blogging

Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting.
Richardo Wilson

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