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My New York City Lifestyle: Quick Fast Sweet – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

I try I speed by.  I live life, but I can’t cry. To be first you must work hard, but to be first will be hard.  We all try to win but can’t all at the same time, if only it was quick fast and sweet and took least time.

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no photography for this episode, but always here…-> This Is My New York City

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“The first one is the hardest, then repeat”

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Postaday2012 · Project365

I’m A Wizard

Wizard hat icon
Wizard hat icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do tricks,
I pull off magic,
I wear a long hat,
I do weird things,
Some people grow to love that,
I try to be cool,
But that I am already,
I take things that is normal,
And I make the extraordinary.

I’m A Wizard

What do you think?

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Richardo Wilson

Postaday2012 · Project365

I Punch Stress In The Face


Punch-Out!! (Wii)
Punch-Out!! (Wii) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stress been trying to creep up on me, creepy little devil.  It has its way of being sly, but no sir will it defeat me.  So I decided to punch it in the face.  Have you done so yourself?  I love to do so.  I hate to lose when I know and believe I can win, it’s just the solution or the way of winning that becomes hard.  Anyways, just dropping in and filling out.  I been in the gym a lot and doing a lot of running, mostly trying not to be late to places I am supposed to be or I signed onto in which I refuse to fail at.  How have you been lately?  And a big shout out to my new followers who decided to stick around. I visited quite a few blogs and so excited by their content and even found couple people in my town, New York City.  I would love to meet them all if they were down.  🙂

Still hard at work at my job and working on making this blog an awesome friendly place of coolness.

If you saw stress on the street would you be kind to it and/or bully it and takes it’s lunch money? 🙂

Of course I am taking its lunch money and trying its shoe laces together of both shoes.  Yup.

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Richardo Wilson