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No Validation: I Just Want To Be FREE

Cover of "My Life"
Cover of My Life

I live life with crazy action pack sequences synced into a body of multiple characters that work hard all day everyday, and still look at life with a positive outlook.  I don’t need others to verify or validate what it is I do, the lack of sleep, how I prioritize my approach on life and/or getting things done, because I am the one doing them, not them.  I been in a confined area locked from opportunity half of my life (being too young, being dependent on others), and once I saw that to break free I had to be the true me and have everything comes from me, the quicker I learned and became a better me.

I know I have loved ones, family, friends, special people in my life that cares and look out for my best interests, but I feel they have not walked in my shoes as yet or really truly understand why I do things a certain way.  It’s about the fulfillment of life and breathing the air out of your lungs and feeling in control of how you are perceived.  They haven’t seen what I have seen or step past their limits to break new grounds or being more open minded, instead of settling and saying it’s ok, we can pass on them, or sit around and wait for a change to come.  It took up to college and lots of reading of articles (books are so darn long for my fast paced lifestyle to read), and conditioning myself from psychology to logic to philosophy that created my new form of thinking.  Do I want to create and achieve, or do I want to wait and collect?  I don’t believe in hand outs and waiting to be seen being me if I know what I am doing it actually  how I feel and that I am aware of the consequences.  I am pro-active and live a realist life, that I know my limits based on me breaking them to constantly know how much more I can do.

I am aware or my surroundings, and in depth viewpoint to the world from many directions and perspectives.  For example, the lack of sleep will cause your body to shut down, or not get to grow to a certain amount, and even worse, or as my mother said it’s going to make you look too old before your time.  Know so I willing continued on my path to be someone in the world.  I want to live, feel, become more, to myself and others.  It’s more of a giving notion by going to give and receive.  So maybe one day, someone will ask, how did you accomplish this, what processes and transformation did you have to go through to reach a certain level.

I tend read and watch it being said in books, articles, and movies that we don’t use the full potential of our brain or we simply can’t or have the potential to.  So I would ask who are setting these rules and these standards on what we can’t do?  I hate the word/phase “I Can’t“, I usually asked the person who says so: “Who is stopping you? Have you even tried?  How many times have you tried? What were the results of each encounter, gain or failure or always the same results?”  Living life is like an experiment on what works and what doesn’t, and each formula or method to result to an answer is not always the same.  We tend to not challenge ourselves in our normal lifestyle to see how we can develop or stretch our muscles and means of accomplishments.  So I ask, if someone is to acquire greatness, he/she cannot be simple, he/she cannot fear failure, he/she won’t be the same as others. It’s just a simple rule in life, that all great things in life we all can’t acquire because we all don’t want it as bad and suffer to reach the goal, but just wants the benefits.

“If it was that easy for everyone to be great, we would all be the same, achieve the same things, and in realization we would all be the norm once again, because there would be no one better or doing something different.”

If I were to die tomorrow, I would have known I lived an unique life, I would have reached a higher level and challenged myself endlessly to see what I did on my own and how I have developed myself and dedicated a lifestyle to achieve and believe in me and be free, and with that, I need no validation, I am me, so I ask who are you?

Thanks for reading

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