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Hot Guys – Dwayne Johnson a.k.a THE ROCK

Welcome to a series for women, who are looking for the hottest guys in the world, whether regulars guys, models, actors, movie stars or just that hot guy you saw walking down the street.

HOT GUYS for women

dwayne johnson the rock

Dwayne Johnson or as I call him “THE ROCK” is one of the most electrifying and greatest entertainer and talker I have ever seen perform, and also one of the most desirable sexy hot guy in the movie industry for women.  He you haven’t heard of him, I am not sure what planet you are on, but he is one of the people in Hollywood you should keep an eye on, or even two if you want to stare.  He has quite a great appeal and look and sexy for you to want to keep looking, as well of a great personality on camera.   Having started off doing wrestling at WWE and building such a great and high rank reputation, he branched into Hollywood becoming a movie star, with great films such as The Scorpion King. The Rundown, Walking Tall, Faster, The Other Guys, Fast Five, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, also in upcoming films such as Snitch and G.I. Joe: Retaliation in 2012.

He also invented some of the best catch phrases in history like:

“Know you role and shut your mouth”
“Just Bring It”
“Boot to Asses”

After being such a great wrestler they named a show of him that is on to this day, “Smackdown” for “Laying the smack down” on whole lot of candy asses.

Either way, check out this sexy hot guy ladies compliments of Raw Multimedia. 🙂

dwayne johnson the rock

dwayne johnson the rock

dwayne johnson the rock

dwayne johnson the rock

dwayne johnson the rock

dwayne johnson the rock

What do you think of my post? Have you ever seen THE ROCK wrestle?  Are you a wwe or wrestling fan? Have you ever watched a Dwayne Johnson movie? Do you have a favorite movie?

dwayne johnson the rock

Check him out:

Thanks for reading

5 thoughts on “Hot Guys – Dwayne Johnson a.k.a THE ROCK

  1. The People’s Pinky
    I’m straight but the Rock makes me consider switching. . I mean look at that man, he is handsome and hot.


  2. I did see his movie..he is better in a role than in wwe, he was a bit rough on Cena and that was not really hot nor sexy..and he is “old” not haggard but not young either.


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