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My New York City Lifestyle [MNYCL] – Rainy Days

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimediaRainy Days in NYC is always a weird experience, as mentioned before it is the city that doesn’t sleep, and also a city that don’t like when the weather blocks us from being super active and cause more friction to our hectic days working to make it (costly taxes from the state and expensive living).  Just recently we have been hit with a series of rain falls, and oh boy how I hate the rain.  I mean I like it on a Sunday afternoon, where I can lay up in the house watching netflix or play some video games and beat down some noobs, but oh no, not a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or especially a Friday.  The first 3 days of the week are usually the busiest and most productive and also everyone can’t wait to make past “Hump Day” in which is Wednesday if you haven’t heard the term before, in which I had to learn myself.

Let’s get back to the rainy days, I like to be outside and every nature and it’s surroundings, more oxygen to breathe in, cool air and places I can go without an umbrella and snap photos.  Being a photographer, I like to go with a bit of ease to my days, for I am quite the workaholic (not in the way you may think, more of a progression towards my dreams) in which I work everyday to create I world of happiness I can be around.  So crappy rainy days are things I sort of avoid.  It’s just too many layers to worry about to make it to the gym or go a friend’s house and lounge in their couch or just hop around and do ton of fun possible things in the city.

Are you an active person?  Where are you from, urban or rural?  Do you like rainy days?

Oh yea, a funny thing about rainy days is that, the drivers in New York City are reckless and don’t cater to the people at the bus stop such as myself, (lol for taking the bus) via they are all about getting to their next destination quick (no patience) in which if you are near and puddle, you better stare clear for you can and will get wet, and for the fashionable new yorkers, who don’t wear much clothes, umm you day will transform into a hell of a day.  I guess because of all the bad things that can go down in the city and again unfair high taxes we have to pay, I can see why new yorkers are mostly mad and looking angry, go figure right?

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“Got to love those rainy days ehhh?”

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