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My Passion For Love, and Tickle Your Funny Bone

Comedy Show
Comedy Show (Photo credit: edenpictures)

Growing up in Jamaica I have always wanted to achieve something big and major, and at the same time make people happy and feel loved at all times.  I came to find out that my best attributes were towards poetry and comedy and how I saw life through my eyes.  For the ladies, its poetry for they needed to be loved, someone to speak gently and to their soul, in which I always knew how to do by giving compliments and seeing what struggles they went through as I had more female friends then males.  As for the male, comedy was the life of the party, the person who can entertain even the toughest guy on the block had leverage over many as you can’t be serious every day, the comedic guy could never be seen a threat to you status among everyone else.

This was my philosophy as a young guy coming up in the world.  Studying my surroundings, stay invisible as possible to your enemies, and not really let anyone know your my capabilities so they won’t get to exploit them in any way.  So I was always the middle guy in every situation, for I was always seen as the nice blend of everything you like and never over stepping anyone’s boundaries.

Through the back pages of my notebook, I would write comedic verses, in which I found as entertainment to give myself giggles as I displayed them to friends who usually found me weird, because they always was like, how come a smart guy this like me, can be so silly.  Those days in Grades 2 to 5 were classic as I shined among my friends, as I was always ready to try to learn and if I couldn’t do what others do, I would like to study and observe, because I knew one day I will test it out and see where I stand among the crowd.  For the ladies, going of basis of what my mother always said to me, ask before you do anything, I always questioned the life out of every single thing I came in encounter with even if I knew the answer, I was always ready to learn a new perspective in which people didn’t know they unwillingly gave to me by me being so innocent and friendly, I gained a great deal of knowledge about people and their behaviors.  I guess is why I have a great deal of respect for psychology in my later high school and college years as I was quick to adapt to the analytical way of thinking when learning others.

My comedy and poetry goes hand in hand to this day as it did in high school and college, in which led me into the hearts of many, who was just looking for someone who understands and can tickle their funny bone naturally without lies, or seeking other impolite advancements.  I am guy that can write you a simply note and make your world so exciting because of my cleverness, charming ways, how spontaneous my words were delivered in which were effortless for they were always pure thoughts to match the heart.  I became a romantic in this world, having love for the passion of love in which is the true way to someone’s heart, and using humor as desert as well because it is what the soul craves.

After all my gibberish and back stories, I simply just love the sound and actions of romance and poetry, and being entertaining with my comedy performances and jabs.  This is the stage many people don’t usually see except for the lucky ones in my life, but now I am ready to put it on display to the world, and hopefully win their hearts and eyes and ears, to see my entertain as well as smooth their minds with poetry.

What are your passions in life?  That are your best talents?  If you could pick or choose some features you would like to be yours what would they be?

Thanks for reading

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