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My New York City Lifestyle [MNYCL] – The City That Don’t Sleep

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimediaI am quite an adventurous person when it comes to living in New York.  I have declared myself a super awesome new yorker, because I live a New York City lifestyle, hence the title of this post.  I am always actively doing something or going somewhere, in the city that never sleeps, no matter what time of day it is (umm that means I really don’t sleep) I am out and about or kicking my feet up editing videos and posts watching Netflix.

I have decided to start this series of storytelling about my life in the city, mostly of what I found interesting and humorous.  I like silly weird things and have keen eye for details that people don’t normally see (I pay a great deal of attention, lol more like staring at stuff).  So during my weekly series in which I will release every Thursday, I will write a blog post and also showcase some photos that goes down in my city, of New York. I have themed my photo series for these posts [This Is My New York City] aka [TIMNYC] which is quite an interesting name it self.

I hope you are down for my storytelling and my photography for the tag team of [My New York City Lifestyle] + [This is My New York City] is ready for the world.  I hope you enjoy and drop by and have a laugh with me and let your presence by known and start-up a conversation with me, or just simply follow and drop a smiley face on my Twitter (@Rawmultimedia) or my Facebook page (

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