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14 Days of Romance – Day 2 – A Hug

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14 Days of RomanceDay 2A Hug

A warm embrace and feel of another’s body is a great way to have a beautiful connection.  Just as you hug you loved ones, your baby, your brother or sister is the same thing for lovers, a deep intimate connection of recognition inviting the other into your world.  As simple as a hug is, many people throw up a big barrier and avoid hugging feeling that it will give themselves away, but sometimes, just sometimes we need to let others in.  A hug is one of the most intimate action we can all commit to show someone else, we love them and we trust them, and they are welcomed.  Think of the cold weather, and find someone you care about and hug them today, and finish it off with a smile.

Tips of True Romance & Love:
Think small, inexpensive, or free, but personal, with some originality and creativity, is the key to true love and romance.

The True Poet of Love

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