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De-Cluttering Tuesday: BYE BYE Twitter Following

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Today I am lightening my twitter load of following.  I am a big information junkie in which some of you already know if you are a subscriber or reader of my blog, also I consider myself an “Internet Ninja“, because I am everything and see everything stealthy.  The point of my post is to help De-clutter my life and what I am doing to allow my free time and time to focus on my projects, for surely I have a million of them in store for the world.

So today I decided to unload a good amount of people off my twitter timeline.  I mean I am not to trying to be rude, but it’s called the social web or social networking site in which people talk and interact.  I feel if I follow allows and try to start a conversation and show my interest and they don’t reply back or just reply with a simple thanks all the time, then what they hell am I following them for?  I need to remove their CANDY ASSES off my twitter, for I am not begging them for anything, or spamming them, or even depending on them for information or what so ever.

So I am aiming to drop a good 50 to 100 following by the end of the day from twitter.  The people may be interesting at the time I followed to see what they were doing or who they are as a person, but clearly most of them are there just to receive fame or whine and chatter about their daily lives of nothingness for the norm.

Time to De-Clutter my Life and my Social Network
see you soon

Do you have a  twitter?  What do you do on twitter?  Do you follow unnecessary people or brands?

Thanks for reading

Oh yea, if you want to interact and chit-chat with me…follow me on twitter, I will definitely talk with you…let’s tweet each other.  @rawmultimedia


One thought on “De-Cluttering Tuesday: BYE BYE Twitter Following

  1. Hey there, I did at some point follow really unnecessary people but as I am now getting the hang the ‘networking’ benefits I tend to follow publishers,writers, bloggers, journalists and I absolutely love the tweets from @MsTerryMcMillan & @GoldieTaylor…they are jokers. Even though out of habit I am still following some ‘celebrities/famous peeps’ but I know eventually I will get rid. Anyway…I am sending you love. Keep blogging and doing what you do!


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