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My 2011 Goals by Richardo and @RawMultimedia (update)

Canon EOS 60D
Image by 246-You via Flickr

This is a repost of the original post – My 2011 Goals by Richardo
(This is a weekly update)

My 2011 Goals are not just personal goals but may also include milestones, accomplishments, and more in everything I do in life. Without further rambling here are my goals.

Today is Oct. 11, 2011

new things I added: being on front page, being a YouTube partner, being a manager, be endorsed, being sponsored, losing weight…

my comment of the week: I really take pride sharing my life with the world.  I am just trying my hardest to be an inspiration to others who want to achieve big goals in their lives.  I am just started on my album, and it’s a big pick a choose debate on what to leave in or take out.  I am getting better at YouTube and making videos I am so excited on my coming new videos in the works.

My Goals of 2011

– Complete’s “Postaday2011” challenge (aka blogging everyday)
– Being sponsored/endorsed by a company or a brand

– Be a manager to a music artist, a model, and a singer

Lose weight, and reach to 175-180 lbs
– Pay off 3 credit card bills
– Publish my first book
Record & Produce my debut EP hip hop album

– Reach 300 – 1,000 subscribers on my “Raw Multimedia” YouTube channel

– Become a YouTube Partner
– Be Featured on Front Page

Accomplished Goals of 2011 (w. brief details)

*Be featured on “Freshly Pressed”
(I was featured on @WordPress “FP” on June 25-27, 2011…see my post)

*Buy my first Mac computer
(Bought my first MAC computer on March 17, 2011, St. Partricks Day)

*Buy a new Canon DSLR Camera (Canon Rebel T3i or Canon 60D)
(Bought my Canon 60D camera in Aug. 2011, actually was my ultimate goal of 2011)

*Reach 25,000 views on my blog (reached this goal somewhere in may 2011)
*Reach 50,000 views on my blog (reached this goal somewhere in aug 2011)

…Though there may be more goals I have, I only choose to share couple of my MAJOR goals.  I work everyday in attempts to accomplish my goals.

What were your 2011 goals? Did you achieve any of your goals already?

Thanks for reading

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