Wishful Wednesday: Spend More Time Editing

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Welcome to another of Wishful Wednesday, where you can wish for any ans anything in the notion that it could one day come through.  Today I wish that I would spend more time editing.

Lately I have come across quite a new battlefield of video editing and grammar correction with my projects that requires more time than they are given.  I can’t lie I am a fairly business juggling many roles in my life and many different areas of media, and the more time I spend in one field kills the performance of another field.  The crazy thing is I know my quality of work is pretty good, but I know it’s that extra fine tuning and finesse time in editing is what would make my ok good quality production even greater and more dynamic.

I could remember back in the days when I use to master each software and fine tuning that made me great, but seeing I have eo much on my plate and have to take an great deal of extra time learning and editing makes me a bit lazy.  I have became caught by the desire to produce more than make my projects more deeper.

I need to sit my butt down and edit away.  Grab the coffee or energy drink, not too kuch of it though and edit away.  I tested out editing today for a project for a contest and was so edited by the results, that it has me hungry to go in the editing lab.

Do you spend quality of time producing your work?  Whether its a essay, a story or a song?  Do you wish you would spend more time fixing it up and getting great quality work?

Thanks for reading

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