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Google+ vs Apple vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Tumblr – Who is ready to compete?

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Google is a powerhouse that houses a lot of great services.  Many are scatter all over the place, but with Google+, they are bringing everything into one.  Though it’s still in its early stage, Google is out to glory.  Though many would say Google+ replicates Twitter + Tumblr to compete in the social networking world against jagernaut Facebook, I think they are right for doing so.  I think it took them a bit too long to figure out and execute this new direction, but so far they seem to be ready to rock and roll and improve.

Apple seems to be a bit back on the race in my eyes, though they have gain some much exposure and loyal members to #teamiPhone and #teamMac and the (iPod and iPad in which I think are hands down the best in its class as entertainment devices and tablets)…Apple might want if not already plotting to jump in the race while they still have placement and fame over Microsoft in which to me isn’t going anywhere past the greatness of it’s most premier ownership which is the online gaming with the XBOX 360.

I feel Google and Google+ will be a win down the line, if they advertise greatly to the crowd by large and work on more unique offerings for people to propel to the use of their system as they did when first arrived on the scene.

I feel if apple were to buy Twitter and Tumblr, but not become control freaks as they are with almost all of their products in which works tredmenously for them over the last years, I feel they would have a lot of sticking power to be ahead of the flock against Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Let’s see what may happen over next couple months by the time of November and apple rolls out iCloud and OS 5 to the world.

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2 thoughts on “Google+ vs Apple vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Tumblr – Who is ready to compete?

  1. help… I’m having a techno attack……TMI for my ineptness in technology..
    I don’t tweet, twit, or even toot for that matter….well, maybe after eating a Burrito..but never in public.

    GOOGLE..all the way, I say!

    great post!

    spread the


    1. yup yup…google is awesome. I am into media a lot and with new features you want to be on top of it as soon as possible plus it helps your block and stay in the loop of things and when and how they change. personally I use every brand with merit for different reasons. I just like to be one of the first to know things and find it exciting.


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