I love @BelleMarie86 – <3…

I love @BelleMarie86 – <3…


July 4th Independence Day

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Today is July 4, 2011…yes another year to celebrate independence day.  Well it’s another year I have a day off and I am getting paid for it.  I love July 4th.  Not only am I going to have some fun, I am getting money while doing so.  It’s sort of funny though, for this year’s July 4th falls on a Monday, and you know I have a series called #MM Money Monday in which I encourage everyone to start the week great and be productive.  Also I encourage everyone to make sure they get their money right.  So I will be doing just that today.

I hope everyone have an awesome 4th of July and be safe.

What are your plans for 4th of July?  If it passed what did you do?  Do you go and see fireworks or do you have fireworks of your own?

Thanks for reading