I remember when I use to go outside

Sexy Woman Laying in Black... Contrast City???

I remember the days I use to go outside, but now I just curl up inside and watch the rain pour and pour through my window on these lonely new york weather.  I want to go outside and remember what warmth feels like.  I want to go outside for a walk to the park and have a great conversation and can feel the sun shine on my cheeks as a I smile.  I want to go outside and ride a bike and feel the wind blow between my toes (sandals) and my hair.  I want to see the kiddies run around in joy to see their friends and be excited not to be trapped in the house and have to watch everyone having fun on tv and they can’t.  I remember the cool and thrilling walks in Manhattan at such spots like 42nd street times square, 34th street Harold square and even in the expensive but friendly 59th street where the sights are the high rises of beauty.

I want to enjoy the outdoors as I remembered them again, but with all this rain in New York City, I may not get to.  I can sure hope for a sunny day in the meanwhile.

Do you like the rain?  What do you do when it rains?

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