Haters, [I see you hating]

Hi Hater

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I don’t care who you are, there is someone in the world right now hating on you.  Oh you probably don’t think so, but it is definitely true.  There is always someone whining about something and hating on someone who doing it.  There are so many levels to hating it’s ridiculous.  Someone is hating right now, and not even realizing they are doing it, it’s that crazy.  I think I am hating on myself right now for writing such a dope blog post, that nobody is going to read, while some chick simply post a Facebook photo from her phone of her body or her baby that get’s more attention then this post.  Even a bum get’s haters.  I bet another bum sees him/her in a spot, and be like, “damn, that’s a nice ass spot, damn why him/her got to have that”.

*In no way do I mean to disrespect anyone that is homeless or been homeless, it is very sorry sight, and an ongoing tragic development in the world.

I am just saying, there are haters EVERYWHERE, and they are HATING full-time, and they are like Diddy‘s “BAD BOY“, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop….take that, take that, take that).   I think Diddy (Puff Daddy) is one of the world’s most HATED on person or use to be.  Didn’t he help bring you BIGGIE SMALLS, come on, leave him be.

So can you admit you be hating?  Do you agree that you have been hated on in the past or the present and shall be in the future?

If you have read this and you DON’T COMMENT or SUBSCRIBE…you are so HATING ON ME…Don’t hate, let’s be FRIENDS. 🙂

Thanks for reading


4 thoughts on “Haters, [I see you hating]

  1. Ok, since I am not a hater and I am a frequent reader of your blog but a first time commenter, I will leave my comment….

    I agree that Diddy is hated but I would argue that Jay Z is more hated because I’m pretty sure he has more money.

    And that is my wonderful comment! Hope you’ve enjoyed :0)


    • lol…awww thanks. Well Jay Z is surely up there, and Mo Money Mo Problems, and a boat load of haters. I hope one day I do have any haters, or I will surely have to get a bottle of HATER-AWAY NON-TOXIC SPRAY to keep haters from swarming around me.


  2. Richardo,

    I found a link to this page in a language discussion about ‘hating on’. I am sorry to trouble you, but I wanted to ask you whether there is any difference in degree or anything between the following as you have obviously put some thought into this and do use both terms:

    There is someone in the world right now hating on you.
    There is someone in the world right now hating you.

    Thank you in advance


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