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cool things I do in my spare time

Most people don’t notice when I am chilling or not overly active, or even worse when I am not working.  It’s quite funny to me because the never seem to ask what I do for fun.  I also think they seem to think what I do for fun is actually work.  Maybe my friends or onlookers are just lazy, or just not looking at the whole picture.

Either way I do some cool and bad ass stuff in my spare time.  I like to go on random adventures being broke.  That has to be of my favorites via, it’s heightens your senses, wants, needs, and most of all creativity.  When I go out I never have a completely dull moment, for  I am always aware of my shift of emotions or feelings, and refocus myself to best suit the situation.

Here are more fun and super cool things I do:

1> Calisthenics outdoors at the park
2> Make sounds effects that annoys my brother
3> Sing in the shower
4> Call, Text, Tweet, Email, Facebook, and Tag my BEST FRIEND all at the same time
5> Watch Youtube videos mostly: Dormtainment | DashieXP | Tpindell | RayWilliamJohnson | Destorm | and other FAIL VIDEOS and Stand Ups
6> Blog about random topics

Well there are more I do, but I will do a PART II for that. 🙂

What are cool things you do in your spare time?  What are your hobbies?

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Weekend Confusion

The weekend is here and I am not sure what to do this weekend. I am actually booked for stuff, but during my time gap for say 4 hours of free time to myself I am not sure what to do. I should be going to see the DigiTour 2011 with some awesome youtube talents I follow on sunday, but saturday I am not sure what to do.

I was to hang with a few people, but just can’t this weekend. I may try. I am still gunning for playing tennis and basketball on saturday and sunday morning. I hope all goes well.

Oh yea I saw Fast Five today, it was so awesome. The Rock and Vin Diesel did their thing and of course Tyrese delivered on his comedic relief. I had a very good time. I give the movie a 8.8 rating.

What you doing this weekend? Are you going to see Fast Five with Vin Diesel, Ludacris, The Rock?

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@RawMultimedia & Richardo’s – May, June, July and August 2011 – Production Releases

As of late, I have been very busy with paper work and writing new projects.  I have had very little time to have fun as I wanted to, as I want to grow my brand and expand my video and music content to the world.  I also been trying to take on a highly challenging role of being a manager.  I have to admit as working as a manager is rewarding, it is also very difficult, well at least up to the standards I put myself up to.  I believe is greatest and doing things in a precise notion.  Either way, spring time is right around the corner, and as much as I have a million paper work, I am going to try to enjoy and go out more.  I have a constant growing following and new friendships, and as much as I have my steady friends I want to hang out and create memories with, I still have to hang out and do activities with new friends to build a bond and a great relationship with.  Boy oh boy is that going to be hard.  My time is scatter everywhere.

But without further ado, here is my planned line-up for the next 4 months before the Fall season comes around.

Not only am I playing sports and working out on the weekend mornings as I mentioned in my past post -> (SPRING TIME:::Tennis, Basketball and Soccer – [Get in Shape, Have Fun]), but I have couple projects I am running along side that. (one thing about me is, I always stay active, I can’t help it, if I don’t I will procrastinate and entirely shut down) I have great time management skills, either that or I just DON’T SLEEP, who knows…

– Each month I plan on shooting 4-6 Photoshoots
– Each month I shall be shooting 3-4 music videos
– The release of the new entertainment website for  my [Raw Multimedia] brand.  I shall be featuring quite a few shows, and an interview series, which should be powered by YouTube & Vimeo.

My project estimated release schedule for my production team & creative brand are:

May 30, 2011The Real Life w. Richardo [short film] – I am taking people into my world of how a day in the life of richardo goes.

May 30, 2011The Adventures of Auto Tune 2 by: Jixi Fox / Jixi B. [comedy music album] – The second installment of the TAOAT series.

June 30, 2011Jixi Fox Presents: Soulfully Jazzy Funk The Sampler Vol.1 – The first installment of a sample based music production pack for people to enjoy.

July 30, 2011The Burna Effect EP [Debut Hip Hop Music Album] – A hip-hop music album debut for the artist Jixi Fox.  An album based on how Jixi Fox became who he is.

August 30, 2011Mystic Mirrors [A Poetry & Art Book] –  The debut book on a list of many to be written by Jixi Fox, along side future collaborative projects.

(note* – I also have some secret projects, but I need to focus on completing the ones I have listed first)

Kennie Dubb’sDre Beatz and An Ipad Mixtape Vol 1. & Audio Oasis Vol. 1 & Visual Oasis Vol. 1

My Major Collaboration Music Project (FALL 2011) – shhhhh it’s a secret

So as of now, that’s pretty much the line up for my releases, in which is in development and production mode now.  I am always looking for people to work with especially talented people in New York City who don’t mind making guest appearances, cameos, and being featured in a skit or so.  With all that said, I shall be quite busy and very active.  Of course I am still going to be dropping my weekly vlog show The Real Life with Richardo each and every week, so SUBSCRIBE now on YouTube to be informed in case anything changes.  I have my “Minisodes also, shorter than an episode but good all the same.

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