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I Wish: To Be More Awesome

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Ok I am rolling out my “I Wish” series. I feel like there are wishes I want maybe one day one shall be answered.

My wish today is to be more awesome. I am always trying to best myself in most of what I do, and it helps my character builds firmly and bold. So the more awesome I can be will be entertaining and cool to everyone.

I love to entertain and make sure everyone is having a good time. I think in most hang outs with anyone, that is usually my main aim. It’s like a standard of mines that who ever that hangs out with me will have a great time, and leave with a unique experience as long as they allow themselves to let go and have no expectations, but aspiration to create a great time.

So I hope I might get to this point of being more awesome. I think some more exploration in dancing, singing and knowledge of other cultures will help me.

What do you wish for? Do you also wish to be more awesome too or is already awesome enough?

Thanks for reading

PS: I might be bringing this series to my youtube tv channel, I think it will be awesome because everyone has dreams and wishes, and maybe this series will help people share their thoughts and wishes.