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Phase 1 of De-Cluttering

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What an amazing day today was. Though I sacrifice going to the gym due to the rain. But New York granted me another day of rest I am happy for and some Playstation gaming. I have a blast playing Uncharted today. I am going to have to say that’s my game of choice as of late, I can not want to play it.

Anyways, based on the rest I got and the purchases of big totes from staples I was allowed to organize my studio and office today. In order to proceed in the area I am going de-cluttering is a must. So clutter clutter go away.

So after a much-needed phase 1, everything is off the floor and toted up ready for assigned days to go through and shred and tear papers of the past. Then onto process two which I will archive bank statements (and boy oh boy I have quite a lot of those). I am so excited about reaching this stage.

Do you need to de-clutter your space as well?

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