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My Frustrating Day

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Today was quite a day for me, very restless from the weekend in which I had a full week last week and didn’t get sleep on monday either. It’s kind of hard juggling one hand in a million pockets. I am trying my hardest to work my day jobs, live life and be an artist all at the same time. It’s totally takes a toll on you especially when you are solo on your journey to make things happen. I have seen some positive results from my hard work. They are quite small right now, but I want to see them slowly grow, so I can learn how to manage it.

But tasks such as bank runs, re-formatting my blackberry and creating new content are so time consuming and takes away from my creative and managerial works. I think and hope by friday I can get a handle on things. I want to get back to posting creative works and more than daily life things such as this. Not saying it’s not interesting, but my goal is to entertain, educate and inspire minds of my friends, peers, and audience who ever they may be.

What do you do to sure your frustration?

I listening to music and watch movies/tv shows of netflix. It relaxes me quite well.

Thanks for reading