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My Blackberry is Awesome

Loading Black Berry OS 5 on Bold 9000
Image by haco. via Flickr

Last week I had quite a few trouble with my blackberry and I called tmobile and they replaced it, which was awesome. After getting it, I easily installed Blackberry 6 on it, as I had delayed to do so on my previous 9700 Bold. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have a brand new looking phone and the shiny greatness of the blackberry 6 software. My blackberry is so awesome now. Though its awesome, lol, I said awesome like a million times, the track pad on the blackberry has been freezing up quite too often. I was getting kind of upset at this fact. It has been going down when it needs go up, instead going left or right, it has been going left only and super fast on scrolling. Maybe it just needs a little breaking in, but if not, its going to suck having to have to call to replace my blackberry yet again.

Do you have a blackberry? Do you like the blackberry or have the blackberry 6 software on it?

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