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#SuperMoon is Aliens Attacking by pumping it with Steroids

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. So...
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I had just seen on twitter that super moon was a trending topic.  Apparently in New York we are seeing a HUGE moon and its called a super moon.  I wonder if it has muscles and does a certainly amount of push ups or curls.  Also I wonder how much it might bench press, I need some tips to be SUPER RICHARDO.  Well I need to know it’s secret.  I think aliens had stick the moon with some steroids, and have it all juiced up for us humans to go awww about.

What do you think about SUPER MOON?

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Actual Info on the Super Moon:

The moon will be its closest point to the Earth, and will be considered to look LARGER to us.

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Rebecca Black – Friday [Internet made her FAMOUS]

78/365 even party girls get the blues
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Why are people so cruel, can’t a girl make a song about a day and call out other days and have a creepy black guy in the video chasing school buses?  This is how the internet is golden.  They take the dumbest thing alive and make it popular on how bad it sucks and apparently to me, they helped her career out more to say she suck when they actually mean it, but makes her more marketable.  I am just saying.

What do you think about this Rebecca Black  “Friday” video and how the internet is talking about it?

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