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I Been Chilling, Mello Friday

Today was a mello day in new york city. Nice weather and cool flow was in the air today. Did me some laundry, played some videogames, paid some bills, and chilled with my homie Kennie, and talk about music and life. I mean I wanted to chill today and chilling is what went down today.

Kennie was quite excited after we had a meeting today about his career as an artist and how my management and out goals are slowly coming together to be great. My brother today was type entertaining as he showed me some new programs for the pc and this neat trick he learned in photoshop. My brother is a cool dude though, I hope me and him get to chill and hit the city and have fun with the surroundings of the city.

I called my homie Corey, he is like my brother, he is doing good. Dude tried to clown me on me buying a Mac computer. It’s always funny talking to him as sometimes he think I be balling, but I am cheap as hell and be chilling.

But the people I mention in this post is my dudes. I respect them and the energy they bring all the time. So on the days I am chilling will most likely be with those people or my already top homies Chris and Kareem. I respect real and honest people. I need the cool and creative energy around me not no foolishness.

Oh anyways check out my amazing music artist Kennie Dubb music video, “Audio High” and let me know what you think of his creativity and visual concept.

What did you think of the music video? Who do you chill with on your mello cool days?

Thanks for reading

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