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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and a Mac

Chicago river dyed green on St. Patrick's Day,...
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Today was fairly ehhhh, but it was fun when I hit the city like I was diddy. Ran over to 34th St, right up to BHPhotoVideo, after I had tweeted, “Dude you are getting a Mac”. I ran in the spot excited and then got to someone to find my items as I always have the SKU for my product so it was smooth, to feel a bit down that I am dropping over $900 on a mac when a saw an awesome windows laptop for the same price. I had to remind myself, “Dude you are getting a mac, buck up and shut up, and drop the green”.

All I was thinking was how tired I was because of doing an 10 hour shift just right before going to the store.  I love me some BHPhotoVideo though.  As I was was taking the 6 train to 42nd St. then over on the shuttle to West 42nd St. to hop on the 2 train to 34th St. I saw a great deal of green.  People from all over walking around with brown paper bags, military officers in their uniforms (as I believe they have free drinks or a discount if they are wearing their uniforms), and also a lot of people with Arizona  Ice Tea plastic bottles and water bottles with drinks and water (or even some liqour and beer to go with it).  Even though it was super crowded on the trains and the police was all out in the city, it was still great to be in the city today.

What did you do for Saint Patrick’s Day?  Do you own a Mac computer?  Have you ever been to B&H Photo Video on 34th street or shop there?

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