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Tuesdays are Cool and Twisted

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I love tuesdays, I say this a lot. Tuesday is like my 2nd favorite day of the week, next to Sunday. The randomness and craziness that happens on a Tuesday is insane. Anyways, I always wanted to give Tuesday a cool tag name, something similar to a twitter hashtag, so here are some cool names, that reflect what Tuesdays mean to me. If you have a certain word that matches or ones that you like, drop me a comment. đŸ™‚

So here is the format, it has to go like this #TT #_ _ _ _ – Tuesday. So its a word then Tuesday, let’s begin.

Twisted Tuesday

Turbo Tuesday

Twitter Tuesday

Torture Tuesday

Turbulence Tuesday

Trauma Tuesday

Terrible Tuesday

Tough Tuesday

I bet there is more I can come up with, but let me know yours.

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The DEATH of FACEBOOK – 3/15


video from my youtube account of today…

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The Real Life with Richardo [Episode 2] (THE DEATH OF FACEBOOK)

In this episode: Today is suppose to be the DEATH OF FACEBOOK, March 15, 3/15, but its still around…Facebook is still kicking balls and punching kids and people in the mouth. Shout out to Kennie Dubb to premiere his latest music video AUDIO HIGH, Follow him on and Wax from Youtube drops his highly anticipated mixtape Scrublife on his website Oh and yea I hit the gym and got it in and working on my Poetry Series over at Poetry Tuesday.

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Kennie Dubb:


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The Cure of Writer’s Block (Tips, Ideas, Inspiration)

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When writer’s block strikes it is torture to someone’s goal or motivation. Well here is my cure (guide) to writer’s block.

Here are 5 cures to get back out of your writer’s block stage whether it’s blogging, script writing, video ideas, short stories, poetry, or just personal journal.

1. Create 3 mini series of simplicity (short form) as warm up.

– photos (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and google search images or photos that’s related to the theme of the series and post it with your thought on the picture or a brief info on the picture) Also you can take things in your own hands and grab your digital camera, camcorder, iPhone, blackberry or so, and create a series of random photos around the house, outside, people, or so and post it with nice keywords/tags of things people maybe searching for.

– text (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and do something within a 2-4 sentences on the idea or a thought. Or write about someone who is great in that field) and end the each post with a question or an idea you discovered within your research and working on the mini series.

– video (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and do something 30 sec –  1 min) and have the series go to a certain number you like, for example your favorite number or numbers like 6, 8, 12, or 16.

2. Create a creativity/idea drop box/fish bowl

3. Read others blogs, or videos and take notes on the things you like (reminder, don’t get mad at their content and how great it is to yours, everyone goes through a dry spell, even drop a comment, message or email to the person to see if they can give you some tips.)

4. Create a rant or vent on pieces of paper what you are missing or your problems. Sometimes helpful to read out and see on paper what your actual problem so you can take it in and think about it and create a solution.

5. Take a break, get some sleep. Go to you favorite places, eat some of your favorite food, listen to your favorite music, or look up things that you enjoy or like that inspire you. Talk to a good friend and hold a good conversation with someone interesting. I guarantee that will inspire you on some ideas and get you in a good mood.

Try these ideas and see how well they work for you.

Do you have any tips to add to this post? Leave it in the comments or send me an email.

Do you have any cures for writer’s block and do you think these were a good list of cures?

Thanks for reading