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Writers Block: Creativity

crushed paper - writer's block - crumpled pape...

As of late my blog has been taking a nose dive in views. Even though its at the level I thought it would be the nose dive is leveling out at, but I have surpass the level I wanted to be but now I need to keep up to the standards I have now created and continue to excel.

I have been in a creativity drought blog wise, but not personally. I just haven’t put in the time to post the greatest I have in store. I am quite upset about it as I want to challenge myself to greatest and help bring an audience to my blog of creativity, sexiness, self-help, fun, and coolness.

So what is it to help me out of the drought I am in and stop with the nose dive of seen the same blog posts only getting the same views and nothing creative jumping and exploding off my blog? I guess I am at my writers block after 3 months of creative posting. Well tomorrow is the day I change the game (well that’s what I am telling myself).

How do you get over the writers block of creativity or motivation to post something new and exciting each week?

What is the cure of writer’s block?

Thanks for reading