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March, why you are effing with me?

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Hi March, how you doing? You know what I don’t even care. Why are you messing with me? Just like my last blog post “I Have No Idea” which was targeted at you, why are you messing with me? I thought we are to be (#winning) in this month? I thought we are to to be saving money and making moves? Why are you messing with me?

Not even once you tried to mess with me but multiple times. First you and the Red Box I go to, tried to make me lost money on this groupon deal I had bought, 3 movies for $1. The damn Red Box machine aint want to let out DVDs after me going there on 4 different occasions.

Second, you keep trying to wake me up late of the monstrous days you decide you want to display bad weather, come on, like what the heck man…dang.

Third, even though you already know I hate going to the gym when it is raining, you want to rain like every other day and making the floor wet so if I don’t get to make it to the gym, I still can’t really enjoy a good clean run or play soccer.

March you was to be such an Epic Win for me, and after only 10 days thus far, you have displayed tendencies of more EPIC Fails. Well seeing how you doing me so bad, I have to prepare for more along the month’s duration.

March, if I see you outside, I am beating you down with my baseball bat, stop messing with me man…

I had to get that out

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