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I Have No Idea

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Image by minifig via Flickr

As lately a few unfortunate situations has been rolling my way. I really don’t why it is happening. I guess I believe certain things should not be happening to me. Talking about situations, my timing to launch couple projects have been a toss-up. I mean they are quite laid out but not complete, and I refuse to half-ass any of my projects or launches. I rather delay a bit more and create mini series in the absence of the major projects. No matter all the confusion I need to figure things out. I am aiming for an epic march.

PS: I am launching a new series on YouTube and via my WordPress and Blogspot coming next week. It’s not a mini series but something carry on throughout the year. I guess I can reveal the names.

For YouTube the series are called: “Confessions/Testimony: Ask Richardo” and “Raw Multimedia How To: Tips & Tricks

For WordPress and Blogspot the series are called: “Guilty Pleasures” and “I Am Just Saying

I feel these are very informative and fun to do and let people in on my life and help others also.

Thanks for reading