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The Best Things In Life

Armageddon looming
Image by nimboo via Flickr

What are the best things in life?  I think it varies from people to people and what we want out of life itself.  Some may like to worship their GOD, or fall in love or just to be around your family.  Either way you should know for yourself what the best things in life are.  Your goal for the best things should be the things that make you generally happy with less conflict and is just pure from the soul.  So today, think to yourself, what are the best things in life and let yourself know, and share it with me right here if you like. 🙂

The Best Things In Life for me are:

1. My Life and GOD
2. My Family
3. My Creativity and Unique Experiences
4. My Development, Growth and Health
5. My Education
6. My external achievements and merits in the world to help others.

Those are just a few that brings me complete joy everyday.

What are the best things in life for you?

Thanks for reading