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My Magazine Subscriptions

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It was just last year I got back into paying for magazine subscription as I did before years ago when I use to have magazine subscription with Vibe Magazine, The Source Magazine and XXL Magazine.  I was really into Hip Hop and loved the articles and discovering new artists and the rating and photos of artists if they made the spread or so.

So since September last year I subscribed to two of my favorite magazine, (well only because because I got some sweet deal on them thanks to which are Cosmopolitan Magazine and Complex Magazine.  If there are any magazines I would read and just love the articles and the funny thinks they publish are those magazines.  Those magazines actually spark some creativity energy my way in which helps me on creating content for my blog and my youtube channel.  So it’s exciting to see when they come in the mail.

As of Sunday March 6, 2011, I added couple new subscription to my arsenal to be delivered to my home, (thanks again to special offers) are Popular Photography Magazine and American Photo Magazine.  I usually go to Barnes and Noble and flip through magazine, but I could never get it too the point I can bring it home and test out my skills with my DSLR on creating great photos as in these magazines.  But since they are coming to my house now, I will get the prime opportunity to flip through each page.

So you wanted to know the deals I got for each magazine?

Cosmopolitan = $10 for 1 year subscription (12 issues) – Pretty good deal.
Complex = $10 for 2 years subscription (12 issues/bi-monthly) – Nice enough deal, did I mention I love Marc Ecko Clothing?
Popular Photography = $5 for 1 year subscription (12 issues) – As a photographer this is an awesome deal.
American Photo = $5 for 1 year subscription (6 issues/bi-monthly) –  Nice enough deal.

Do you have any magazine subscriptions?  Do you catch the deals out there or pay regular prices?

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Chelsea defeats Blackpool [3-1] – [EPL Soccer Results] via John Terry and Frank Lampard

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Chelsea FC defeated Blackpool FC [3-1] today Monday, March 7, 2011 in the EPL.

My Commentary: Chelsea is on the uprise it seems defeating Manchester United just a week a ago and now Blackpool within the EPL.  That is 6 valuable points for Chelsea to aim for the top of the league or at least within the top 3.  Goals came in from John Terry 20th min via a header, and 2 goals from Frank Lampard, one of which was a penalty at the 63 and 66 mins.  The goal for Blackpool came in at the 86th min by J. Puncheon.  Well Chelsea I hope you can hold one to your great performance lately and head as far as you can in the standing in the league…GO CHELSEA!!!


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Just Paid 2 Bills and Feeling Good, I am soon DEBT FREE

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Man it feels good to put some money on the books to pay some bills.  I mean it’s one of my favorite things to do.   I know I know, who wants to be pay bills and like doing it?  Well hello, if you have bills and they are in your name, umm who do you think got it there?  But you should be proud to have some bills to pay, that means your name is on some things and you are independent and holding down yours.  And I do hope you are taking care of your bills correctly and making some moves to having a very good credit score, for I know lots and lots of people with their credit down in the gutter.  If you have issues such as those, follow my weekly series Money Monday in which every Monday I teach your money management skills and where to find money and much more.  So make sure you follow me on twitter (@rawmultimedia) also to get the #MT which means the #MoneyTweet, it’s the official money phrase of the week.  With the #MT you can understand what the Monday’s Money Monday post is about.  Anyways, making sure you paying them bills and running away from debt, but still hold your own.

How good is your credit score?  Are you actually going to follow me on twitter? lol

Have a great day

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