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I am a Flirt

The Flirtation
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Ever since I was a young guy back in the days of Jamaica, I have been a flirt.  I love the ladies.  It’s funny because I think I picked up this charming charisma from listening to too much Beenie Man songs.  I think that’s why he is my favorite artist of all times.  Beenie Man had so many songs about girls (Gal Dem Suga, Nuff Gal, Girls Dem Way, Old Dog, Doctor etc…), and how he is ladies man and I just ran with it.  I use to be quite shy, but now I flirt all the time.  I mean I do know how manage it and if I was in a relationship that part does get shut down, but it’s like a natural behavior of mines.  It’s the way I talk and approach females that makes it so cool.  I am quite smooth too.  Even on the phone, I am awesome when I want to be.  I could just know that the girl on the other line is blushing and having a smile on her face.  I usually don’t flirt to try to seduce a girl or try to go out with her, but to make her feel great and appreciated, and also to know there are very nice guys out there.  So to all the lovely and sexy ladies in the world, when you meet me, I might flirt with you, and trust me you are going to like it.

Do you flirt with others?  Are you able to not give in to someone’s flirting?  Do you think flirting with others is cheating if with someone else?

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