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I Am Just Saying #1 – Not All Models, Are Models or Can Model

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Not all models or who claim to be models are actually models.  How to break the real from the fake sometimes can be hard, but knowing the difference is the major part choosing who is right for a job or to work with.  So because you look BEAUTIFUL, and took some SEXY photos, do not make you  a model.  I rather work with someone who have the potential to be SUPER SEXY, has charisma, personality, and professionalism behind them.  I need someone I can work great with.

It’s a pick and choose world, I am Just Saying…

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*note: Anything mentioned are just thoughts and opinions not to be taken too seriously.

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People You Party With vs People You Do Business With

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People You Party With vs People You Do Business With

I am neccessaritly the guy you party with, because that’s really not my type of scene, I am more of a laid back casual, humorous person, that takes things in and think outside the box.  I am definitely the guy you do business with though, the one with the manager skills, the fine details, the creative approach and dedication to see things through to success.  Some people can’t break the two.  It’s just a different crowd for different reasons, entertainment and business.

Just like how they say you shouldn’t hire family for business matters, because they might bring you down, by not taking it serious and cutting corners, well that’s almost the same effect here.  You might play ball with the hustlers on the corner, but you wouldn’t invite in your house for a cup of tea and talk stocks, (unless he might be Stringer Bell from “The Wire“) because if two different elements.  You might knock out a big account merger with Mike from accounting, but you won’t want to invite dude to go hunting, extreme skating or riding bmx in the woods, because you are not sure how they will perform in a opposite setting.

I am not writing to say, that it’s not possible for both set of people won’t mix and match in both opposite settings or to stereotype different types of people, but more likely mentioning, in a sensible world or notion, what makes for better sense and better results.  Sometimes you can’t mix and match.

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