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A Room of One’s Own

A room of one's own
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The real reward of independence and for self is when you can claim a room of one’s own.  We go through life, from infant to teen, then from young adults to being elder in the attempt to be on our own, in which is a symbol of growth.  What we acquire throughout our lives shows our self-worth, and one of the main things we try to aim for is a place to call our own.  We pick up many other things along the way such a convictions, religion, belief, money, love, pride, respect, and other material things, but when you are in charge and have the freedom to make decisions in any which case is a very powerful thing.

Many people go through this world, not being able to accomplish this one goal, because of the odd balls life may throw our way, but still we try to keeping pushing.  Some of us are not as strong will as others and may stumble a lot more than other, but if we can have it, we would all want A Room of One’s Own.

I myself is working on having a room of my own, a place of freedom to create and live a satisfying and fun life.  As much as achieving this may take a bit longer than I thought, I still strive for victory that one day after all my hard work I will be able to gain this proud and live changing achievement.

I came upon this title of this post based a book of the same title I had to read (was supposed to read) in my freshman year of college at Lehman College (Women In Literature Class) and I never once forgot the title because I knew of a great worth of knowledge and literature that would be within the walls of this book.  Now that I think about it, I still own the book after 7 years, and might be aiming to give it a thorough read very soon, and add that to my list of books I should I read long ago, but will read now.

Book: A Room Of One’s Own by: Virginia Woolf

Do you have A Room of One’s Own?  Is this one of your goals in life?

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