When She Smiles and Giggles

Grimstad, Norway
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It brings me joy to see her smile. Just the way her rose cheek puff up, as I tell her how beautiful she if. When you starts smiling, she can’t help but giggle, in which is so sexy the way she does it.

It’s one of my favorite things to do, making her happy. A satisfying feeling takes over me, because her happiness is also my happiness. So as she sits there in the couch reading one of her favorite novels, I shall go over to her, and brush on her shoulders and a gentle kiss on the cheeks. Or if after a long day of work, I will seat her down, rub her feet as a listen to what her day was like, and drop a few jokes to see her spark up and happy to be home.

When she smiles, I smile
When she giggles, I know its love

Do you contribute to your relationships and help bring joy and happiness to your partners life? Does making your partner happy bring you joy?

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My Music Playlist of the Month: March 2011 is coming tomorrow

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I am gearing up to release my playlist of the month tomorrow, April 1st.  It shall reveal my favorite songs and albums I have been listening to and love through out the whole month.  I am excited to start tracking my favorite songs and sharing it with others, and maybe others will join in and tell me what is there favorite songs or what they have been listening to.

Catch you tomorrow.


The Most Comical Rappers in Hip Hop [#JimJones]

O Let's Do It
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I like to laugh, quite a lot.  So rather than say I hate when people put out wack music, or not so lyrical, I find them to be more comedic.  I don’t think there is a problem with that, just know which rapper or hip hop artist does real rap compare to ones that does something else, which might be entertainingly wack, or just pure entertainment, I which that’s really what their job is.

Here is my list of comical rappers: (people that makes me laugh when listening, mostly with confusion, or did he just say that)

1. Jim Jones (very very hilarious dude, he can rap too, well sometimes.  P.O.M.E. is one of my favorite albums #Ballin)

2. Lil Wayne (very talent artist, but when high and he feels like moaning a verse he will and throw auto tune on and that sh*t will be HOT)

3. Gucci Mane (ummm he been So Icey, got an ice cream cone on face, ummm BURRR is all I can say)

4. Plies (What can I say about Plies, than he is RAW, and he will definitely tell you what he is thinking, and make things up too)

5. Waka Flocka Flame (with a name such as his, ummm funny already, O Let’s Do It, Hard In The Paint, No Hands)

There are quite a few others, but ehhh, what do you think?

Leave me a comment on you favorite comical rapper or hip hop artist.  Or if you just call them wack, list them so I can know.  (funny thing, for you to know that they really suck you have to listen to them first)

What did you think of my post?

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