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Its Hard To Say No

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We constantly try to hold onto to things of value, whether or not it is for the right or wrong reasons.  It could be a loved one that passed, a drug addiction, a simple habit, a valuable item or just the need to do something that keeps on not getting done.  So no only is it hard to say no, it’s also hard to say goodbye or hard to just let go.  In my case its items and things I didn’t get a chance to do.  Even though I went through the all the types previously listed such as letting go of a passed loved one, or an ex girlfriend, kicking certain habits, I find myself trapped in letting go items of value and things I never go to finish doing.  I mean some of it I can just let go and move on and it won’t be a trouble or make that much of a difference, but it’s that need to say yes I can and will complete it that always tend to bother me.

So in a reversed angle, its like I can’t admit to myself and say no you can’t do it and just let it go and move on.  I keep telling myself yes I can do it, and leave a space in my mind stocking up memory of doing certain things, and never attending to it.  It’s a waste of space and thought.

The reason I wrote this post is mainly about my inability to read my magazine subscription on time before the next issue comes in the mail.  It feel I am wasting my money even though I caught them on a deal ($10 for 2 yrs subscription of Complex Magazine and $10 for 1 yr subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine), I really wanted to use them as my creative inspiration for my writing.  They happen to write and publish things that feed my mind to think outside the box and top whatever they have published.  But I tend to get caught up doing other things, which are mostly important, but I keep stocking up on the magazine and never getting to read them and holding up space. It’s crazy to me.

Another habit I tend to can’t kick is the holding onto items of value that I invested in that are outdated I guess, but the product which are usually equipment for my productions, that still works wonderfully but are in desperate need for an upgrade.  I tend to keep them around even after obtaining the updated and newer version.

I need to step up and say NO and let them go.

Are you going through anything of what was mentioned?  Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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