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Some Days I Feel like I am DIDDY [KING OF NEW YORK]

Sean Combs
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I can’t lie, half the time when I tell you I am plotting my movements to unleash within my city of New York, I feel like I am DIDDY.  I also feel like Jay-Z and 50 Cent too but, I be on my DIDDY swag.  I am just that natural business man who wants to bring entertain to New York City and promote the talents within.  Though the talents of New York comes from all over the world, at the end of the day where are they at? and where are trying to make it big? right here in New York.  I live a New York City Lifestyle, I live in the fast lane, I like my options, I love the mixture of culture, I love the grind.  Though the grind may be super hard, I am down for the cause.  I will never give up.  But enough of just me, I really just want to promote people in the right way and help bring opportunities their way in which DIDDY (Sean Combs), Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) and 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) does for New York City.  Even though some of their dealing may bring some bad stigma with them, this world ain’t perfect.  And trust me when I tell you, New York ain’t perfect, but still get up everyday and work hard through the struggle.

So when you see me trying to put things together and make some moves in New York City, I am definitely getting my DIDDY on.  (You feel me, right?, Take That, Take That, Take That)

PS: Shout out to all my hard-working people in New York City, I got love for you too.  As a matter of fact, much love to my hard-working people EVERYWHERE who are trying to make things happen in the world.

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