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Not a win this week

I live my week by accomplishments within the week. Sometimes one major event can highlight the week and make it wonderful, or even a lots of mini successes makes the week worth going through. This week I haven’t been granted such win or wins.

I hate failure but have learned how accept it when it does come. You can’t always win and each failure I believe teaches you something about yourself. My weeks starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, in which I aim to accomplish major goals by Thursday and anything after Thursday is just an extra bonus.

After every week or by Saturday I evaluate my week and aim for better and greater results for the upcoming weeks. So if I left the week without a win, please believe I am aiming for 5 to a zillion wins the other weeks.

This week I have failed on couple goals, the major ones I kind of slightly worked on but I need to apply more pressure on my himself. I hate to lose, but watch out for my wins.

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