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Writers write, Bloggers blog…well I want to do both.  It’s quite refreshing publishing on my blog over the last couple months and it’s very rewarding to see my writing get noticed and a decent amount of views based on good writing concepts and ethics.  I have been working on couple book ideas for over 2-3 years and thinking as a writer I can see how difficult it can be to publish a book.  Not just the process of production, but the committment to writing and the back & forth with doubts.  I really want to do a good job on my first published work.  I guess I shall continue to use my blog as a practice and a simpler element and build into my book.

I am aiming to release my first book this year, even with the crazy amount of pressure and writing demands, I am in.  Also I am working on writing great articles and converting them into eBooks to get some recognition and feedback on my progress.  I so hope for the best.

*Do you want to be a writer or a blogger?

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2 thoughts on “Writers Write, Bloggers Blog

  1. That is a good question. I didn’t know I was interested in writing a book until a read your post. Wouldn’t it be nice to write a book? Certainly. I would be interested in knowing what are the steps, besides writing, to publish a book. I would love if you write about that. Good luck and have fun.


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