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What to say, when you have nothing to say

A Nikon D90 in "liveview" framing mode
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I really have nothing to say, today I want to just not think and not create, but I can’t seem to help it. I have posted everyday since the beginning of 2011, and my gosh, you would think I have ran out of creative things or fun things to talk about, but nope I am still fully juiced. I am just trying to pace myself and take it easy today. I needed some rest today so I took a break from all the madness. A little PS3 and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I am trying to put all of work and not miss a day of work in efforts to save money to buy a new DSLR camera. I still can’t decide on which, but I am thinking the Canon T3i, which is going to be brand new, but will I have the funds to get it is the real question. Anyways catch you later, and make sure you get some sleep if you need it.

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